Touch Screen Self-Service Payment Medicine Self Vending Machine Selling Snacks And Drinks Automatically

Touch Screen Self-service Payment Selling Snacks And Drinks Medicine Vending Machine.New businness idea unmanned shop 24 hours self service vending machine. Large glass window to display goods.( tempered glass , safe and convenient ,display goods explicitly ) .HD Touch Screen,contact sensitive and easy to operate.Customized card payment, coin payment.Adopt international advanced technology and process to ensure good refrigeration and heat preservation effect, energy saving and environmental protection.

Product Features:

Full screen automatic drug vending machine, 43 inch touch screen, unmanned self-service drug vending machine, hospital can scan code, pay, vending machine customization, remote management, large capacity, 43 inch touch screen, 360 ° intelligent monitoring, voice guidance prompt medication, small ticket can be printed, slide width can be adjusted at will.

Product Parameters:

Machine size: 1930 mm * 1250 mm * 800 mm
Machine weight: About 300kg
Commodity stock: about 300 pieces
Rated power: 150W
Screen size: 19 inch multimedia advertising touch screen
Delivery mode: spring rotation delivery
Capacity specification: six layers, each layer has 9 lanes, each lane has 5-7 pieces of goods, which can be customized and mixed to suit the sale of various types of goods
Fuselage material: 304 food grade environmental protection stainless steel thickened box / shell, 6 times of painting/
The glass door adopts anti condensation double-layer electric heating hollow explosion-proof tempered glass
Temperature setting: standard normal temperature. Customizable refrigeration system
Marketable commodities: drugs, daily necessities, food, condoms, etc. We can adjust the channel according to the size of the goods.

Application and After-Sales Service:

Online communication service