Food Egg Sandwich Fruit Cupcake Salad Vending Machine For Sale

Best Seller Fruit Vending Machine With Lift System And Belt Conveyor,Fruit,Salad Fresh Food Vending Machine. Re-configurable product selection spacing for variable package size.With temperature sensor,the temperature are adjustable.Flexible layout for snack/fresh food/cans and bottle drinks etc.The payment system support cash (bill+coin) / cashless.Electric leakage protection function.The customized logo and sticker accepted.

Product Features:

AI energy management mobile phone or computer remote management (meter, temperature, demist glass screen, LED light)
Remote electricity meter: it can check the electricity consumption in real time and save the cost of installing electricity meter on site and confirming the electricity consumption with the site every month.
Temperature setting: support remote setting of temperature in different periods, real-time monitoring of machine temperature. More energy saving, more peace of mind.
Setting of LED lamp and demisting glass: turn on the LED lamp / adjust the demisting intensity of heating glass according to different periods, which is more energy-saving and more intelligent.

Product Parameters:

Product model: cy-x63
Size: 1260 * 1988 * 692mm
Number of shelves: 2 * 5
Power: 750W
Door lock: electronic intelligent lock
Volume: 838l
Temperature: 2-8 ° C
Refrigeration: air cooling
Device: screen and camera are optional
Marketable commodities: fruits and vegetables, drinks, snacks, etc

Application and After-Sales Service:

Video technical support