Automated Hospital Medicine Vending Machine For Sell Distributor Automatic

Automatic Medicine Vending Machine,Any Time Medicine Vending Machine is although not a new concept in its entirety, it could prove to be useful and hence important where healthcare is almost critical. With the emergence of more and more automatic terminal services, modern services are also gradually becoming unmanned. The automatic medicine vending machine exactly emerges under the background mentioned above. The emergence of automatic medicine vending machine can reflect the reform of China’s existing medical system to a certain extent, solve the tense supply-demand relationship between doctors and patients in China, and help some patients to achieve self-improvement and self-healing without going to the hospital.

Product Features:

Full screen automatic drug vending machine, 43 inch touch screen, unmanned self-service drug vending machine, hospital can scan code, pay, vending machine customization, remote management, large capacity, 43 inch touch screen, 360 ° intelligent monitoring, voice guidance prompt medication, small ticket can be printed, slide width can be adjusted at will.

Product Parameters:

Model: CY-X56
Number of floors: 7
Number of columns: 25
Channel type: drug specific channel
Inventory / bottle: 1000 + < depending on drug size >
Weight: 350kg
Color: white
Size: height 1960, width 970, thickness 850 (mm)
Voltage: 220 V
Power: 545w
Refrigeration / heating: support

Application and After-Sales Service:

Online communication service